• Special Education

    Washington School District Special Education

    The school district will follow procedures outlined in the special education regulations (Chapter 14) for determining eligibility and need for special education services. Chapter 16 regulations will be followed to determine eligibility and need for Gifted Support services.

    Variety Programs Handout


    • Kathie Bosnic K-2 Life Skills
    • Michael Bosnic Jr.High Learning Support
    • Amie Camps Elementary Learning Support
    • Christie Cypher Elementary Learning Support
    • Joyce Eisminger 3-6 Life Skills
    • Michele Engle High School Learning Support
    • Jamie Frazier High School Life Skills
    • Jessica Gardner High School Learning Support
    • Maria Hovanic 4th Grade Learning Support
    • Jennifer Ireland High School Learning Support
    • Lauren Kasula High School Learning Support
    • Ashley Kern Elementary Learning Support
    • Colton Korpus Elementary Learning Support
    • Kristine Makar 5th Grade Learning Support
    • Taylor Morrison 6th Grade Learning Support
    • Emily Moyers K-2 Learning Support
    • Raven Sherbine Elementary Learning Support  
    • Rebecca Myers-Matson 3rd Grade Learning Support
    • Michelle Radachy K-6 ELL/Gifted
    • Megan Roach Jr. High Life Skills
    • Sarah Sproul 7-12 ELL/Gifted
    • William Todd Jr. High Learning Support
    • Devon Tonti 3-6 Autistic Support
    • Dana VanTine K-2 Autistic Support
    • Jennifer DiNardo Speech
    • Alison Stewart Speech
    • Keri Griffith Speech
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    Camilla Justice
    Director of Special Education

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    Lisa Cannon
    Special Education Secretary
    (724)-223-5000 Ext 6  (Option 6 extension 1155)