• Chapter 16: Gifted Education

    In accordance with Washington School District’s mission statement: WSD is committed to educating ALL students under the guidance of our dedicated staff members. Learners are provided with lifelong tools to navigate a course toward growth and advancement while collectively supporting and celebrating student, staff, and community achievements. WSD offers a relevant, rigorous, and disciplined academic environment through a customized educational delivery. We cultivate learners who are engaged in pursuing a productive academic and social path. WSD‘s learning community achieves progress by empowering members to reach their full potential.

    Mentally-gifted refers to outstanding intellectual and creative ability, the development of which requires specially-designed programs or support services, or both, not ordinarily provided in the regular education program (per PA Code). Gifted education for identified gifted students enables them to participate in acceleration or enrichment programs, or both, as appropriate, and to receive services according to their intellectual and academic abilities and needs. The Washington School District is committed to providing quality, gifted support services to all identified students throughout the district. All gifted support services operate under the guidelines of state (Chapter 16) regulations.

    Program Description

    The Washington School District provides a wide range of educational experiences for students who have been found to be eligible for the district’s gifted program. The needs of each student are addressed in a Gifted Individual Education Program (GIEP). Annual goals and/or short- term objectives are developed in the GIEP, along with specially- designed instruction (SDI) which will be implemented in accordance with the GIEP. The activities in which students in the gifted program can participate vary from year to year. The activities may consist of, but are not limited to; enrichment activities during and/or after school hours, supplemental instruction from school personnel, individual and/or team competitions, and educational field trips.

    Identifying Student(s) for Gifted Services

    Students are referred for evaluation to determine eligibility for gifted support programming by parent referral, teacher referral and/or administrative referral.

    Regulations - Chapter 16

    Find out more about regulations at www.education.pa.gov.