George Lammay, Superintendent
George Lammay, Superintendent
  • The Washington School District continues to provide great educational opportunities!

    The Washington School District has a legacy of excellence. Academic opportunities rival neighboring school districts as the high school curriculum offers twelve (12) Advanced Placement (AP) or College in High School courses. A career pathway approach has been developed to assist students to pursue their interests in a focused manner.

    Washington Park Elementary School is expanding the response to intervention model (RTI) by contracting with the EDGE Instructional Tutoring Services. The program utilizes the Orton-Gillingham methodology. The expanded reading program is designed to ensure all students increase their reading knowledge by measuring their progress on a regular basis. Teachers and administrators will meet regularly to review student data and adjust instruction as needed individually.

    The educational world has changed dramatically during my thirty-six-year career. State testing and academic accountability have become the norm. Certainly, the Washington School District strives to assist its students to succeed in these areas, but not at a cost to the relationships. Each child has a unique need, and the district strives to meet that need.

    The Washington School District is a leader in providing educational opportunities while continuing to focus on students' needs. I am immensely proud to be part of this school district and look forward to continuing the legacy of excellent in the Washington School District. Please feel free to call my office if I can assist in any way.



    George Lammay

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