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NHS Induction Ceremony at Wash High

 Washington High School's induction into the National Honor Society was done a bit differently this year. The current members of the National Honor Society conducted the ceremony this past Thursday, March 24, 2022 in the Washington High School cafeteria for the new members. Those selected last year didn't have an official ceremony due to Covid, so they participated in welcoming the new class of members to the National Honor Society this year.  The existing members from the 20-21 class are as follows:  Angela Batson, Autumn Herbstsomer, Diana Jandres,  Brendan Little, Kelly Pawuk, Conner Roberts,  Jacquelyn  Thomas, Taviaire Vereen,  Elijah Wise indicated in photo caption with an asterisk.  The 21-22 class of nominees to the National Honor Society are listed without an asterisk. 
National Honor Society
    Standing left to right, NHS members are :  First row: Julia Sandoval, Adele Zimmerman, Kyle Slesh,  Tyra Sparks Gatling,  Alyssa Strawn, Sophia Volper, Davon Young,  Lillian Boardley,  Michelle Cantu; 
Middle row: Brendan Little*, Elijah Wise*,  Courtney Price, Autumn Herbstsomer*, Magdaline McCort, Issiah Patterson, Sydney Kobuchi, Eden Day, Lillith Daugherty.
Back row : Joel Rush,  Michael Shallcross, Conner Roberts*, Kelly Pawuk*,  Jaquelyn Thomas*, Anthony Adkins,  Diana Jandres*, Angela Batson*, Cassidy Jackson,  Taviaire Vereen*
English teacher Mrs. Barbie Jones is the National Honor Society faculty advisor.