• Any parent or guardian who desires to enroll their child in the full-time cyber program for 7th – 12th grade must complete the enrollment process detailed below. A student is not enrolled in the Washington Cyber Academy until the application process is complete and acceptance is communicated from administration.

    Prior to beginning the application process, please take note of these important considerations:

    AP/ CHS courses are not available to full-time cyber students

    Students with an IEP will be called for an IEP team meeting to determine admission

    Successful applicants will meet all of the following criteria.


    1. Must have passed all core classes during the most-recent 9 weeks

    2. Must not have had truancy action taken against them in the most-recent 9 weeks

    3. Chromebooks must have been returned at conclusion of school year (if applying over summer)

    Step 1: Complete this self-assessment (required) and take note of your total score. This should be completed by/with the student.

    Step 2: Review the Cyber Academy Board Policy.

    Step 3: Complete the application for enrollment (to be completed by parent/guardian).

    Step 4: Application will be reviewed by administration.

    Step 5: Administration will contact you to notify you of your application status. Notifications will come primarily by email.

    · Acceptance – Proceed to Step 6. Student will begin the Washington Cyber Academy at the start of the upcoming semester.

    · Deferral – No action needs to be taken at this time. Your application will be held and reviewed again at the conclusion of the upcoming semester. If all criteria are met at that time, the student will begin the Washington Cyber Academy in the following semester.

    · Wait list – You have been accepted but space in the Washington Cyber Academy is not available. You will be placed on the wait list by order of application and contacted when and if space becomes available.

    Step 6 – Sign and return the Cyber Student Contract.

    It is available under Documents and will also be emailed with notice of acceptance. The contract must be returned at or before the cyber orientation in August.

    Step 7 – Attend orientation prior to the start of the upcoming semester. This is required for all cyber students, both new and returning. Dates will be forthcoming and announced on the website as well as sent to student and parent emails. Students enter the Cyber Academy after summer break will receive Chromebooks at orientation.

    The student will now be ready to begin online coursework!