What is the full-time Washington Cyber Academy?

    The Washington School District Cyber Academy offers a modern solution for students and families who require a non-traditional degree of flexibility in reaching their educational goals. In honoring and respecting unique circumstances, we provide this option for those seeking it.

    The Washington Cyber Academy offers oversight by our own teaching staff and aligns our online coursework to match our district curriculum as closely as possible. Our cyber students don’t have to sacrifice the benefits of working with our own dedicated educators. Lessons and assignments are asynchronous, but the staff from our district will monitor their work and assist as needed. The Cyber Academy is an online option for Washington School District students only and is open for those in grades 7-12


    Why choose Washington School District’s full-time cyber program?

    • Program allows a flexible school schedule allowing students to work during nontraditional school hours (available 24/7)
    • District supplies students a Chromebook
    • Washington School District teachers monitor courses
    • Electronic feedback via email and a parent portal available
    • Opportunities for face-to-face meetings with teachers and staff available and encouraged
    • Online, on-site and off-site tutoring opportunities available
    • Participation in extracurricular activities encouraged
    • Completion of PSSA and Keystone State exams at the student’s home school building
    • Graduating students receive an Washington School District diploma and may participate in graduation ceremony

    For more information, please contact:

    Jocelyn Sabruno

    Email: sabrunoj@prexie.us

    Phone Number: 724-223-5080 ext. 2059