• Intermediate School Food Service


    Breakfast Prices - Grades K - 8

    • Students: K-12 –Free
    • Second Meal: $1.85
    • Adult Meal: $2.00

    Lunch Prices - Grades K - 8

    • Students: K-12 –Free
    • Second Meal: $2.25
    • Adult Meal: $3.90

    Student Nutrition Accountability Program (SNAP)

    WSD utilizes the Student Nutrition Accountability Program (SNAP) to monitor your children's purchases in the cafeteria, as well as to protect their anonymity regarding their status (whether they are paid, reduced, or free). Each child is assigned a 6-digit pin number, and K-2 students also receive identification cards with UPC numbers denoted on them, in case they cannot remember their pin numbers. The children who memorize their pin numbers utilize a pin pad at the register and punch in their numbers. The students who have identification cards merely swipe their cards - similar to the procedure of utilizing debit card at the store. Whatever your children purchase that day is automatically deducted from their accounts via the SNAP cash register. Of course, like the banks, money cannot be deducted from your children's accounts until deposits are made. Please make checks payable to WSD CAFETERIA FUND. Payments may be sent directly to the food service office to be deposited into your children's accounts, or you child may present cash or a check directly to the cashier as he/she reaches the end of the lunch line. Either method is acceptable.

    Application for Free and Reduced Lunches

    An Application for Free and Reduced Lunches can be obtained and submitted at any time during the school year. If you have any questions regarding the free and reduced price lunch program, feel free to contact (724) 223-5154 at Washington Park School.

    The cafeteria is always interested in hiring substitute workers for our food service program. This is a perfect opportunity for a stay-at-home mom who could use some extra spending money. For additional information, please contact The Nutrition Group Foodservice Director at 724-223-5070.