• High School Technology

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    John R. Digon
    IT Consultant
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    Wash High Band


    Learning Never Stops

    Technology will directly support student achievement of Pennsylvania Academic Standards in Technology. It will also assist students in meeting academic standards in Mathematics and Reading by supplementing classroom instruction with computer-based learning.

    New computer labs have provided our students with on-line learning resources across the entire curriculum. On-line resources include Internet research, virtual tours, educational web sites, career planning websites, Access Pennsylvania, Power Library, Adventures of the American Mind (access to the Library of Congress), and on-line access to the Washington Park School Library.

    All students and staff have equal opportunities to learn with the enhancement of technology use. Technology supported learning activities can be used to expand possible instructional responses to diverse learning abilities in heterogeneous and inclusionary classrooms. In addition, community access is increasing by collaborations with Citizen’s Library, Washington Family Center, and Connect, Inc.