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Elementary Students Receive Musical Treat


Students in grades 1-6 at the Washington Park Elementary School received a special musical treat performed by the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra earlier this month. Two morning assemblies for the various grades on April 9th had the elementary students learn about how music is used in movies to guide the audience through the characters’ emotions. The symphony demonstrated this by having a “director” (played by Adam Payne), who is in need of music to create different character emotions for various parts of his “movie”, discuss his musical needs with the conductor of the Wheeling Symphony, Maestro John Devlin. The Maestro, having the perfect musical selection in mind to fit the needs of the “director”, has the symphony play the musical selection for both the “director” and the audience. The “director” is always more than happy with each musical choice performed by the symphony members to fit his “movie.”

The symphony also provided a live exploration of compositional concepts of pitch, rhythm, and orchestration while introducing the four families of instruments in the different sections in the orchestra to the students.

As usual, the annual concert and musical lesson were very well received and enjoyed by both the students and the staff. Washington School District appreciates the efforts of all those involved with the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra and thanks them for coming to our elementary school to share their talents.

Photo captions: Wheeling Symphony Maestro John Devlin listens to "director" Adam Payne explain the music he wants to use in his "movie." Wheeling Symphony recently presented their special musical lesson at assemblies at Washington Park Elementary School for first to sixth graders. 
"Director" Adam Payne tells the Wheeling Symphony and Maestro John Devlin what his "movie" is about and how he wants to portray the characters' emotions in music at an assembly at the Washington Park Elementary School. 
Posted: April 2024