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Veterans Day Honors Those Who Proudly Serve

Sarah CottrillCharles Mellars
Wash High Alumnus Navy Commander Sarah Cottrill from the Class of 1998 returned to the school for the Veterans Day program to address the high school students about entering the military service after graduation and to explore the opportunities. She explained that just about any career you can think of can be started in the military where you can learn more and serve your country. The annual assembly honors all veterans who have served and the public is invited to attend. Commander Cottrill talks with another veteran at the assembly. 
One community guest this year at the program was army veteran Charles Mellars of Washington who served in World War II in Germany. Mellars, who turned 100 this past July, was 19 when he entered the service and served from 1943-45.  Later he served in the National Guard for more than 20 years. He and his late wife Evelyn were married 72 years and had 2 sons who both served in Vietnam and a daughter.
Posted: November 2023