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2023 WHS Mock Interviews

Mock Interview Pictures # 1Mock Interview #2Mock Interview #3
On behalf of all involved with the Mock Interview Session which occurred on (Monday) April 3, we wish to extend our sincerest thanks to the administration, faculty, and students of Washington High School for making the fifth annual Session successful.
Of the 88 seniors situated among six sections of English, 80 were present. The feedback given by the interviewers - Mrs. Teresa Burroughs, Mr. John Campbell Sr., Ms. Peyton Celani, Mrs. Sandra Curtis-Craig, Mr. Ryan Hamlin, Ms. Knickeya Kelley, Ms. Tammy Lenhart, Ms. Arlene Nicolella, Ms. Morgan North, Ms. Julie Rice, and Ms. Kelsey Smithley - the Class of 2023 received high marks with regards to substance and style.
The success of the Mock Interview Session is shared amongst us, and thanks goes to the entire faculty for their flexibility with special thanks given to Mr. Burgdolt, Mr. Clutter, and Ms. Ryburn for invading your space. Special thanks to Ms. Booker, Mrs. Branagan, Ms. DeCosta, Mrs. Devenney, Mrs. Engle, Ms. Hartzog, Mrs. Jaroszynski, Mr. Lammay, Ms. McClain, Mr. Mihelcic, Mr. Mols, Ms. Mounts, Ms. Ola, Mrs. Phillips, Ms. Sabruno, Mrs. Thomas, and to all of the employees who helped to cover our classes and provide support to our students. If we were remiss in recognizing someone, our sincerest apologies as the list is long!
Last but not least, we give our heartiest thanks to Mrs. Ester Barnes and Mr. Evan Simpson for their presence and for their efforts in helping to spearhead the Mock Interview Session for five consecutive years. Southwest Training Services, Inc. have played a pivotal role in our students' success, and we look forward to furthering our relationship with this invaluable organization.
Posted: April 2023