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Guidance Services

The Washington High School Guidance Department provides services related to grading, testing, graduation requirements, and post-secondary planning. Please feel free to contact our office between 7:45am and 3:30pm.

The Washington High School Guidance Office is dedicated to servicing the academic, career, social and developmental needs of our students throughout their high school experience. Our program involves assisting each student to reach his or her fullest potential, through challenging and appropriate course work, strong school community bonds, and experiences that will enhance personal growth on all levels. It is our goal to lead students to appropriate careers according to their skills sets and interests.  We strive to attend to the specific needs of our students to investigate post-secondary opportunities, ways to move into productive roles in the workforce, and to explore the opportunities to advance their knowledge, creativity, and talents.These goals are supported by various programs and curriculum throughout the student’s career, along with the individualized approach and the one to one attention provided for deciphering ones future.

Services that are available through the guidance office are as follows:

Financial Aid informational sessions are held at least once a year, and the links below will assist you in navigating that process. We interface with post-secondary representatives routinely and encourage our population to engage with them. This includes the military, technical and career school, as well as colleges and universities recruiters.

The Challenge Program:
Dynamet Inc. sponsors Washington high school students grades 10-12 each year to earn a $200 award in 5 different categories: Academic Achievement, Academic Improvement, Community Service, STEM, Attendance.

Permanent Records:

Personal Concerns:

Our objectives also involve providing resources for families related to mental and emotional health concerns, and drug and alcohol, and economic related problems. We are an integral part of the Student Assistance Team, which through referral, is designed to assist students in removing barriers from learning. Students referred to the SAP team are offered interventions and assistance in “getting back on track”.  We are able to connect students and their families to supports and interventions the will ultimately improve conditions for learning and growing.  We serve as the liaison between the school, outside agencies, and community resources; working together to support the mental and emotional well-being of all our students. Of course, we are always available to assist students whenever needed for such concerns.



Information regarding the utilization of the G. I. Bill for dependents still in high school is available by contacting www.pde.state.pa.us. Students who are the dependents of individuals killed in active duty or those veterans who are totally disabled because of active duty injuries are entitled to benefits for educational purposes.

The Navy ROTC is offering $180,000 in scholarships that can be used at over 150 different colleges and universities throughout the nation.  Several are local.  Applicant requirements include ranking in the top 10% of your class OR SAT scores of 530 on Critical Reading, 520 Math or ACT scores of 21 Math/Critical Reading.  For more information and an application, visit:  https://www.nrotc.navy.mil/

The United States Military Academy, Department of the Army is inviting interested students to investigate opportunities available to them through West Point. Visit www.admission.westpoint.edu for a closer look at the academy. For rising HS seniors, there is a week long summer camp opportunity, Summer Leaders Seminar. The local Filed Force Leader for our region is BG(Ret) Hank Sembower who can be reached at relas@comcast.net orBG (Ret) Bill Colvin at panzer6@cvzoom.net. Junior: now is the time to investigate this educational/career option.

Students who are interested in applying to any Military Academy, are advised to visit the academy Web site and follow directions as specified by the academy. The opportunites afforded cadets and midshipmen by the academies are tremendous and invaluable. Attention to the timelines are essential for successful consideration. Students who are interested should begin the process during their junior year. Consult the Web sites for information: Naval Academy www.usna.edu; Military Academy (West Point) www.usma.edu; Air Force Academy www.usafa.af.mil; and Merchant Marine Academy www.usmma.edu 

The American Legion has posted a publication that features specific benefits for children of veterans entitled "Need a Lift?" at www.needalift.org.  Look here for other scholarship opportunities as well as information about the college search.  The American Legion web site has a variety of support resources for students who are planning to continue their education.


Assisting younger students in developing study skills and social/relationship skills are key goals for success now and later. By utilizing our connections to various colleges, corporations, employers and community agencies and events, students are offered a wide variety of opportunities for experiencing career related and developmental challenges. For example: The Westinghouse Science Honors Institute, the Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week just to name a few.  Students are also provided opportunities to explore vocational/technical options that often result in certifications through the Western Area Career and Technology Center. The Career Planning course in which each 10th grade student is enroll, uses the Keys2Work program linking academic courses to skills and knowledge needed in various occupations.

The American Legion is offering several opportunities for students in grades 9 through 12. The Keystone Boys State will be held at Shippensburg University in June. This prestigious event provides males with the opportunity to develop and carry out a democracy based on theconstitution in a real life setting. The State Police Youth Week also held in June is open to both male and female students and will take place on the grounds of Your College of Pennsylvania, York, Pennsylvania. This is a valuable experience for any student interested in law enforcement and corrections. Applications for these enrichment activities are available in the Guidance Office.

Kids' Chance, a nonprofit corporation that provides educational scholarships to children of Pennsylvania workers who have been seriously injured or killed in PA work-related accidents is offering financial assistance. This is a need based award for individuals between the ages of 16 and 25 who have been accepted by an accredited, post-secondary educational institution. For more information visit www.kidschanceofpa.org.   


Other Ways to Successful Careers:

Apprenticeship Programs: For individuals who are at least 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED. www.apprentice.org

Western PA Construction Occupation Laborers Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program is accepting applications for apprenticeship in its Building and Heavy /Highway Program. Visit www.laborpa.org or request information at 1.800.442.8868.

Interested in working for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? The State Civil Service Commission is please to announce their new PowerPoint presentation, with accompanying audio, describing civil service employment opportunities in a variety of occupational categories and disciplines.  Visit www.scsc.state.pa.us and complete the following steps: select the "Job Seekers" tab on the homepage, select "State and Local Government Career Opportunities", choose "Job Opportunities for Graduates", and then select "Secondary School PowerPoint Presentation with Audio".