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Preparing our students for 21st Century Opportunities

It’s my privilege to be Superintendent of Washington School District, home of the Prexies.

Our employees and Board of Directors are dedicated to preparing our students for a more complex, 21st Century global world of work.  Our world is changing at lightning speed as we search for meaningful connections to provide effective, efficient educational deliveries that increase student achievement and groom each one for multiple post secondary options.  Most important are the relationships we build to further our work. In our learning communities, leadership roles are shared and everyone takes responsibility for group process and action.  Honest and open communication develops trust and is the primary requirement.   

Our most significant gifts are the constant messages of self we give to students and colleagues - self-discipline, self- respect, and self-confidence.  Modeling the behavior we expect and supporting each other contributes to a healthy climate that lifts up everyone to be the best that he/she can be.  Our success is found in helping others succeed.  Our work is to shed the light of awareness on what is best for our students and our community.

Education reform is the linchpin for many political debates.  Washington School District has undergone significant transformations.  Data informed decision making, research based practices, student centered results and site based management drive our continuous improvement efforts.  Our schools have risen to the challenge by revising curriculum, developing new courses, and integrating technology education in our classes.  We are offering cyber courses, dual enrollment for both college and technical areas, and personalized career education and community experiences that enhance and prepare student readiness skills for post secondary choices.  Partnerships with colleges and businesses provide us with additional resources.  Washington strives to provide a customized, prescriptive education for all students.

Our schools serve the whole child and provide numerous social- emotional services as well as academic deliveries.  We recognize the importance of maintaining restorative behavior practices, fine arts instruction, and medical and mental health interventions.  Our doors are open to all resources that support and serve our students. 

We all must contribute to sustain productive communities that instill pride in every member whether our role is in the home, the community, or our schools.  Education is a shared responsibility.  We must all be tenacious in supplying Relationships, Relevance, Rigor and Reflection on a daily basis in our schools, our homes and our community.

Join me in celebrating our public school system….Together we make a difference.

Dr. Roberta P. DiLorenzo - Superintendent

Dr. Dilorenzo