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Welcome to the Washington School District, home of the Little Prexies. We are fortunate to have community members and a Board of Directors who strongly support our schools. School District employees care a great deal for our children. Without exception, our teaching staff and service personnel extend their services above and beyond requirements in order to insure our students' safety and success. The contributions of community members, parents, students, professional staff, service personnel, and administrators are essential to the education of Washington's youth and the City of Washington's progress.

Washington School District has educated generations of local families for nearly 140 years.   The community of Washington, sharing a common value in education, founded this educational establishment in the year 1867 in pursuit of free and public education for all.  There is a perpetual undercurrent of civic pride and tradition recognized among community members that provides a means for students to learn about the world around them and grow intellectually beyond their own expectations. Upon entrance into Washington Park Elementary School until graduation from Washington High School, students receive the message that all members of our learning community are highly valued and respected.

Our District has many positive features worth consideration.   We are long term planners, both fiscally and educationally. Our vision for the future offers an academically customized education for all students. Multiple resources are used to supplement and/or enrich instruction. Teachers are learning facilitators for engaged and motivated students achieving progress toward acquiring the skills necessary to become productive honorable citizens. The chronological lines that limit our perception of progress broaden to include students’ emotional, social and intellectual abilities so that students are only competing with themselves and not challenged with the inequity of maintaining standards beyond their present reach. We recognize that although all people are created equal, we do not function equally.

Washington has a standards aligned curriculum and engages in continuous improvement. Additionally, new courses are developed and implemented to better meet the needs of our students. To ensure the best resources available are selected, texts and materials are chosen using a formal, analytical, research based approach.   Furthermore, our students receive the benefit of a technology infused curriculum. We look to technology to extend and enrich our vision beyond our boundaries. Enhanced communication supports the global education necessary for our students' success.

Finally, assessment data are valued and used for reviewing, revising and improving instruction K-12. Our continuous improvement model assures both individual student growth and the enhancement of program offerings. Success is measured in many ways with each student in each school every day.

While our challenges lie within current financial, legislative and/or regulatory constraints, the marriage of educational planning and fiscal responsibility will ultimately demonstrate positive results in all areas.
Washington School District's tradition of educational excellence and a caring respectful environment will continue throughout the 21st Century. We have a reputation for serving all students with the underlying philosophy of prescriptive teaching and collaborative support. We model a learning community that will continue to cast its energies forward and commit to providing a safe, nurturing, challenging educational environment that will guide our youth into competent and honorable adulthood.