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Technology Committee

The Washington School District has had a Technology Committee since the first Technology Plan was formulated. The membership has changed somewhat over time but many of the key members have been involved from the beginning. The Technology committee is made up of administrators, faculty members, secretarial staff, technical staff, parents and community members. The committee is organized and has met as a committee of the whole on a regular basis. During working sessions the group divides into task groups rather than subcommittees. Regular updates have been distributed to team members and feedback is solicited.

Finance Committee

Download and review the Finance Committee polcies.

Community Advisory Committee

Washington School District Community Advisory Committee

Mission Statement :

The Washington School District Community Advisory Committee represents various segments of the community, and is designed to provide a supportive, positive, and open exchange of ideas, and concerns in order to help businesses, educators, parents, community, and students to form an alliance, and advising the Districts Board for the purpose of enriching students' total learning process.



The Washington School District Community Advisory Committee is designed to keep the Board of School Directors informed with regard to community opinion, represent the interest of students, parents and the community in studying specific school problems, to promote the maximum interaction between the Washington School Board and the community and to raise community awareness of School Board decisions and policies. The Community Advisory Committee will be comprised of Washington School District community members with representatives ranging from parents of students, interested parites and senior citizens. Every effort will be made to include different view points and geographic areas. Community members provide a vital support role to educators through organized volunteer programs and through input from the parent/teacher level, through the Washington School District Community Advisory Committee, opportunities are provided for individuals to have input in the decisions that affect the School District's children. The Washington School District Community Advisory Committee provides a forum where each member may have a part in shaping the future of the educational process and environment as it is developed in the community and school.



Download and review the Community Advisory Committee policies.

Information on other committees is coming soon.