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Washington School District has educated generations of local families for nearly 140 years. The community of Washington, sharing the common value of education, founded this educational establishment in the year 1867 in pursuit of free and public education for all. There is a perpetual undercurrent of civic pride and tradition that provides a means for members of our Prexie community to learn about the world around them and grow intellectually beyond their expectations. Guaranteeing our students achieve and become productive, honorable citizens are responsibilities that are actively and willingly shared among administrators, teachers, parents, community members and the students themselves. We are fortunate in Washington School District to have a caring, supportive learning community that encourages our students to meet and exceed expectations. Read more


2015-2016 Curriculum Planning Guide


PA Criminal Record Clearance (click link) - Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History - Home
PA Child Abuse History Clearance (click link) - Clearances
FBI Fingerprint Clearance (click link) - Cogent Applicant Fingerprint Registration Systems
Mandataed Child Abuse Online Training - www.reportabusepa.pitt
Act 168 Form - Self Reporting Sexual Misconduct Form
- PA%20168%20(3)
Act 24 Form - Self Reporting Arrest/Conviction Form - Arrest%20or%20Conviction%20form


Tuesday August 18
Kindergarten Orientation: 9-11 WPES auditorium
New Student Orientation: 1-3 WPES auditorium

Greetings from the School Nurse at Washington Jr/Sr High School. While you are enjoying your summer break, please check with your primary care providers to ensure that your child is up to date on all of the Pennsylvania required immunizations. Students entering 7th grade in the Fall MUST haveTdap and MCV ( Tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis, and meningococcal) immunizations, unless they have a waiver on file. Students in 8th and 9thgrades next year must also have had these two shots.

Please review your child's medicalhealth report, sent home with the school report cards, for the immunizations we have on file. You may take this reportto your care physician to review for missing shots. If you do not have a primary care physician, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (Washington County) offers a free immunization clinic monthly. They immunize children up to age 18, using a sliding fee scale (total cost would be $5, no matter how many shots are given that day). You must call for an appointment. Their address is:

Pennsylvania Department of Health (Washington County)

167 North Main Street, Suite 100

Washington, PA 15301

(724) 223-4540

Any child missing required shots when school reconvenes will be at risk for being excluded from school, until the appropriate immunizations are received. Be safe over the summer, and I look forward to serving your children again next year.

Edna M. Huewitt, RN, BSN

School Nurse - Washington Jr./Sr. High School


Washington School District's Band and Football Team Raise $3200 for City Mission!!

Washington High School Band members and members of the Wash High football team exemplified the District’s motto "Together We Make a Difference". On Wednesday, June 17, they took to the streets in Washington for over six hours and raised $3200 for the City Mission. The rain didn’t dampen their spirits. Upon hearing about the Mission’s disastrous fire, these students were determined to do something to help. Their teachers, coaches and boosters supported their efforts. During the day the students were thanked by many people including the men from City Mission. It’s always a great day to be a Prexie, but the efforts of the Prexie Band and Football Team made June 17th a great day for City Mission.


2015-2016 School Calendar - 2015-2016 Calendar


Twenty students from Washington High School visited the Mel Blount Youth Home for Steeler Day on Friday, May 29th. It was a fun and exciting day as the 2015 Steeler Draft Class worked diligently to instill work ethic, leadership, commitment and good faith in our students. Our students displayed their Prexie Pride and athleticism and quickly became favorites of the Steeler players. They outworked all the other groups and encouraged one another to get better. Coach Bosnic was so proud when members of the Pittsburgh Steelers would praise our students, often saying things like, "Great Job Wash!", "Way to Work Wash High!". They continually praised our students for their effort and attitude. Coach Bosnic appreciates this great experience Mel and Tianda Blount provided for our students.




Sasha Edwards won the Young Playwrights Contest through the City Theatre’s Young Playwrights Program. She wrote the play in the high school’s Performing Arts Stage Class this year. Education Director, Kristen Link told Ms. LaQuatra that she has not read such a wonderful play in years. We truly have a talented writer. Sasha’s play will be performed live on stage next year at the City Theatre. She is quite humbled and excited for this opportunity. We are so proud of her!



Prexie Pride Ambassadors

Washington Health System Teen Outreach Honorees May 21, 2015:
Congratulations to Wash High Principal Frank Rotunda, School Administrator Award and
Students Malik Wells and Cassidy Hiles, Volunteer Awards
Thanks for sharing your time and talents.



Friends Program

  The Friends Program at Washington Park Elementary School
Over 60 students in 5th Grade participate in a Friends Program with Mrs. Brophy and Mrs. Rocco's classes. The program supports the development of social and interpersonal skills for school-aged children, creates a culture for understanding and accepting individuals that include students with Autism.


You must show a valid ID to have students released to you. Although office personnel may know you, they are required to request an ID. Security is not convenient. Please cooperate with building staff when asked for an ID. This requirement is to insure the safety and security of our students.

SPORTS PHYSICALS & IMPACT TESTING INFORMATION. Those students in grades 6-11 who pre-registered for Saturday's free sports physicals at the Wellness Center are to check the link below for information about ImPACT testing and the physicals.

More Info


Click link for 2014-2015 school personnel data and demographics. District Personnel Information 2014-15


Superintendent Goals /Performance Standards Superintendent Goals for 2014-2015
The Board of School Directors annually conducts a performance review of the Superintendent of schools.  Section 1073.1 of the PA School Code required the contract for a district superintendent include mutually agreed upon goals/ performance standards.  Pursuant to Act 141 of the PA School Code enacted in 2012, school boards are required to disclose the objectives and performance standards for Superintendents given an initial or renewed contract after 2012.  This information must be posted on their district website.  School districts are also required to post on their website whether or not the standards were met by the Superintendent. 
2014-2015 Budget 2014-2015 Budget
Washington Park Elementary School Education Plan WashingtonParkElementaryEducationPlan

The PA School Performance Profile serves several purposes:

A summary of WSD School Performance Profile scores follow for each of our schools. WSD School Perfromance Profile 2014. Click link for summary. WSDSchoolPerformanceProfiles2014

For a more detailed report, click on the logo to go to PA’s SPP website.

http://www.gorockets.org/LinkImages/paschoolperformance2.jpg PA School Performan Profile



Prexie Stadium Renovation (click link) Prexie Stadium Renovation


Pay Rate of $105 Per Day
Please see "Employment Section" for details on how to apply


Extra-curricular participation is a privilege to be earned by attending school.

Important new policy adopted by WSD Board of Directors October 20, 2014 effective October 21, 2014. This policy implements the requirement that secondary (grades 7 – 12) students miss less than 6 days per semester in order to participate in any/ all extra-curricular activities. Students missing more that 6 days per semester will be given an extra-curricular suspension for the remainder of the semester/ school year.

-Is an effort to emphasize the importance of attending school.
-Informs students that extra-curricular activities are a privilege to be earned.
-Increases the value of participation and recognizes those who fulfill their student obligations.
-Celebrates students who take advantage of the numerous opportunities offered by the District.

This attendance requirement differs from our regular attendance requirements. Procedures and notifications are administered separately. Click the link below to read the policy.
Policy #511 - Participation in Extra Curricular Activities and Events

Washington High School Graduation Project
Click here for details...


-Free Breakfast/Lunch Program for Washington Park Elementary School Students
-Under the “Community Eligibility Program”, all students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth grade will receive FREE breakfast and lunch.

-Secondary students in grades seven through twelve will pay the following meal costs:
-Breakfast - $1.35 (no price increase from last year)
-Lunch - $2.35 (no price increase from last year)

-Adult/Teacher meal costs: (for both the elementary and junior/senior high schools)                                     
-Breakfast-$1.75 (no price increase from last year)
-Lunch-$3.25 (no price increase from last year)





The link below takes you to short video that shows classrooms engaged in hybrid learning. WSD already has this being delivered to some of our students by teachers who are cyber teachers/ facilitators and some others who have integrated technology performance projects in their instruction. This is the direction we are going in order to provide an academically customized or prescriptive education for all students.


Click “see it in action” and then click “video.” The video takes time to load. Although it mainly shows students w/computers, traditional instruction is used as well.


11th Grade Student Physicals



Edline Directions


Carbohydrates Info




E-Books offered through OverDrive at Citizens Library:
OverDrive is a leading full-service digital distribution of ebooks, audiobooks, and other digital content.




Prexie Pride Foundation

The Prexie Pride Foundation is organized by volunteers to support a range of school groups, purchase equipment on an as-needed basis, and establish yearly student scholarships. Read more



summer meal program

Box tops for Education


SPECIAL EDUCATION - Child Find Notice (click link) Child Find Notice 2014-2015


Variety the children's charity -"My Bike" Program
My Bike Program Handout


Transition is the process students and their families use to think about life after high school and to plan their community and school experiences to assure that the students acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals.   The transition planning process should enable the student to move successfully from school to postsecondary education and training, employment, independent living, and community participation based on the student's preferences, interests, and abilities." Transition Powerpoint


Comcast Introduces Internet Essentials Program/Internet Service for $9.95 a month

At Washington School District, we know that many students and their families would like to have Internet service at home so they can do homework, search jobs, download music, communicate with others and much more.  We also believe the Internet can be an important part of your child’s education.

That’s why we want to make sure you know about a new program provided by Comcast called Internet Essentials.

If you have at least one child receiving free or reduced school lunches from Washington School District, your family may qualify for this fast, affordable home Internet service for the school year.  Internet Essentials costs just $9.95 per month (plus tax).  For participating families, there are no price increases, activation fees or equipment rental fees.

In addition, you can buy a low cost computer for just $149.99 (plus tax) and receive free Internet training.

If you think this might be right for your family, it’s easy to get started.  Call Comcast toll free at 1-855-846-8376 to see if you qualify.


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